DMDD pipeline

Mutant selection

  • Embryos are produced from homozygous-lethal and sub-viable knockout gene lines and checked for gross morphological abnormalities. Embryonic lethal lines are defined as those with no homozygous pups present at P14. Sub-viable lines are those with 0 < 13% of homozygous pups present at P14.

Embryos are initially harvested at E14.5. If no embryos are present at this point, the line is harvested at E9.5.

E14.5 embryos undergo detailed phenotyping as part of the analysis pipeline. If no morphological abnormalities are identified, the line is harvested at E18.5 for further study.

Embryo analysis

Data review

Publication and data sharing

  • The DMDD database and website is being continuously developed and enhanced to improve its functionality.
  • The e-Mouse Atlas Project provides an online database for normal mouse embryo anatomy and gene expression. The detailed and annotated images of mouse embryos are a valuable reference point for comparing with embryos from embryonic lethal lines. Work is in progress towards an equivalent reference atlas of placenta images from DMDD embryonic lethal lines.
  • Gene line pages have reciprocal links with the IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium) database in order to simplify the experience for users of embryonic lethal data.
  • Phenotype data will also be available via the MGI database.
  • Annotated images of phenotypes will additionally be available via PhenoImageShare.
  • Transcriptomics data produced at the Sanger Institute is being published through Expression Atlas.

Pipeline flowchart

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