We are establishing gene expression profiles for embryos from each of our knockout lines. The data shows which genes are differentially expressed as a result of each gene knockout, and it has the potential to reveal genes with similar roles or that have compensatory effects.

By providing users the opportunity to explore both morphological and molecular phenotypes for a given line, the combined data can reveal greater insights about the effects of each gene knockout on embryo development.

Experimental technique

Whole-embryo RNA-seq has been used to establish the expression profiles of embryos from 11 knockout lines, all harvested at E9.5. The results can be compared with wild-type controls using an interactive online tool in Expression Atlas.

An example of 8 genes that were differentially expressed due to a knockout of the gene Ssr2.

Red indicates that a gene was expressed more in the mutant than the wild-type, while blue/grey indicates that the gene was expressed less in the mutant than in the wild-type. In total, knockout of Ssr2 was found to affect the expression of 325 different genes.